We Endorse

At Bondi Screens we only use 100% Australian made materials in all our screening and fencing. This is important to us because we know that these products have been tested to with stand our tough weather conditions all year round. This gives us and our customer’s peace of mind knowing that when we finish a job, we know it’s built to last.

All of our hardware such as this deluxe latch system which is lockable from both sides and our magnetic pool gate latches are d and d technologies the leading name in fencing hardware.

Dulux powder coat is the only brand to use when it comes to powder coat, this is a industrial grade product with unmatched durability and quality.Dulux guarantees its powder coat for 10 years in any conditions across Australia.






DecoWood™ provides a durable alternative to timber that can be used in many applications such as windows, doors, louvres, slats, screens, shutters and outdoor furniture. DecoWood™ boasts the low maintenance and high durability qualities of aluminium, in addition to the natural beauty and warm textured feel of timber.

It is ideal for coastal properties and bushfire prone areas, and comes with a ten year limited warranty. You can also enjoy the peace of mind that DecoWood™ is a sustainable product that reduces logging and carbon emissions.